water silence

A photographic video and sound installation by photographer GOTO Aki and musician Hideaki Takahashi. 
4 screens, 4 layers of simultaneous screening, 4 channels of multi-sound (2011, 15 minutes) 

Waterfall, rain, clouds, sea, fog, water vapor -- Using the familiar water as a motif, the infinite layers of water that cannot be captured by the naked eye are visualized. Like the ever-changing appearance of water, the photographs, images, and sounds cross the boundaries and come and go to express the multi-layered world of water.
The photographic images are composed with field-recorded sound sources of water, questioning our unconscious memories of our experience of the primordial sea of the womb.
2012 Digest version of works exhibited at Setagaya Manufacturing School, Saga Castle Cominica Exhibition, Miyazawa Art Center, Osumi-Kagoshima Art Festival, and Takeda Art Culture 2012