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text : Mitsugu Onishi:  photographer

The impact of global warming is surfacing in every corner of the world. This will likely threaten us, all living creatures, and the natural environment, not only with rising temperatures and sea levels, but also broadly through the ecosystem, food, and health. With the COVID-19 pandemic in this year of 2020, we all have likely sensed strongly how fragile the veil over this planet is. I cannot help thinking that the classic job of a photographer to render the global environment as beautiful landscapes is about to be dramatically transformed by the destiny of living in this era.
“The Creation” (1971) shot by photographer Ernst Haas of the US was a celebration of Earth as well as a story, and captivated many. A half-century later, the road that GOTO AKI traces does not wander into fantasy. While we may marvel at what a beautiful world it is, it seems he is endeavoring to detect the “life” that transcends even time immemorial in the ceaselessly flowing visage of the earth (terra). Compositions that have built upon tradition in past landscape photos have been deconstructed and executed dynamically in extrinsic moments. This active approach is to be commended.
Photographed with this broad perspective, “terra” locations include not only famous spots throughout Japan, but also random mountain trails and beaches. When the photographer’s pure action of “seeing” unfolds before our eyes in a scale ranging from micro to macro, it is something that surpasses “a superb view.” It is a discovery of the soundless fetal movement of life.

Oct, 2020