Pursuing the expressions of earth [terra] to arrive at remarkable landscapes

The [terra] photography series addresses the question of “If we were to step away from the units of human time and envisage Japan’s landscapes in the context of the immense passage of time on planet earth, how would they look?”

Images of Japanese landscapes collected by penetrating nature and reacting to the rhythmic movement of landscapes have been deconstructed to the elements of <light/time/color/shape/sound/temperature/smell/wind> and reconstructed as the expressions of terra. Landscapes and snapshots intensely converge in these works that are interpreted as fetal movements of life and arise as landscape photos that excavate history.

Order & Inquiry 【 AKAAKA Art Publishing 】 

Published  15th Jan, 2019  
Photographer GOTO AKI
Editor  Shuichi Iketani
Text Shuichi Iketani & GOTO AKI 
Art Director Kan Mimura 
Translator  Lisa Kimura, Nao Abe
Publisher AKAAKA Art Publishing
Total pages 128P  76 photographs
Size 240 × 252 mm
Price ¥ 4,000 + tax
Printing Company Tokyo Inshokan Printing co.,Ltd. 
ISBN 978-4-86541-093-8

Exhibition Review by Kotaro Iizawa